An Insider Look at My 2019 Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling changed how I organize. This may seem like a drastic statement, but it’s true. If you’ve been a reader or subscriber to With Cheryl (if not, you can subscribe here!), you may have read my 2 part series about Bullet Journaling in 2018 where I gave an introduction to the system and an insider look into my own journal

Well, pretty much EVERYTHING has changed in my Bullet Journal set up since then (which is one of the many reasons I love this system), so today I will be giving you an insider look into my 2019 Annual Set-Up.

Before we look at each page, there are a few big points I want to make.

  • First, DO NOT look at pages of Bullet Journals on Instagram or Pinterest when you first start your journal. The only thing that will do is intimidate you.
  • Second, before you start your Bullet Journal, brainstorm what you want this system to do for YOU. Once you know this, designing your own pages will be much easier.
    • For example: I want mine to keep my to-do list organized, hold future to-do’s in a simple way, act as a journal, allow for braindumps, express my creativity, and have all of my thoughts/ideas in one place.
  • Third, always remember that your Bullet Journal is a system YOU create FOR YOU. Don’t worry about making your pages super fancy (unless you want to) or creating a complex system that is hard to maintain. The purpose of this journal is to be easy to maintain and helpful in your daily life.
  • Lastly, have fun! This notebook can be an enjoyable way to experiment and get creative. Let yourself try new things and keep working to create something unique for you. It will take time, but the end result will be worth it.

Now, let’s dive into my 2019 Bullet Journal pages…

1: Goals

My first, and most important page is for my goals. This page holds nothing by my 3 goals for 2019 (you can check out my process for creating these here) and is first so I can easily reference them at any time.

goals & index2: Index

When I first start Bullet Journaling, I didn’t use an index, but now I’ve found that this is really helpful when I’m looking for random notes. You don’t have to include every page you use in the index (such as braindumps), but others that you want to reference often (like notes about my sister’s bachelorette party) should be added here.

goals & index

3: Yearly Calendar

This is completely new for me this year and is working really well so far. This layout allows me to keep track of important dates (like birthdays and weddings) and things I need to remember (like annual payments). 

annual 2

4: Books I’ve Read

This page is pretty simple: it’s where I keep track of the books I’ve read this year. I include the dates I read the book, my rating, and when I posted my review on With Cheryl’s Instagram.

books & happy

5: What Makes Me Happy

I use this page to write down simple things I can do that I know will make me happy on a bad day (like journaling, meditating, or going on a walk outside). If I’m ever feeling down, I turn to this page and pick one thing to do to brighten my mood.

books & happy

6: Gift Ideas

I realized I have great gift ideas all the time and forget them by the time that event comes around. Well, this page is my way to remember and organize those ideas going forward. I’m hoping it works!

gifts & budget

7: Budget

Here I write my yearly budget and log each month’s credit card amount. This page is easy to maintain and keeps me on track with money.

gifts & budget

8: Yoga Notes

I’m a registered yoga teacher and I use this page to keep track of everything I need to do to maintain my certification. I created after realizing I look for this information in my emails constantly and this page will save me tons of time now. yoga



Head to the With Cheryl Instagram account and check out my featured story “January Bullet Journal” to see how I set up each month and day!


I absolutely understand that Bullet Journals can be intimidating at first. However, I promise, if you have a clear plan of what you want this journal to do, know that this can and should change as you need it to, and keep YOU in mind, this system might just transform the way you work both personally and professionally.

If you have any questions for me about how to start your own journal, want an opinion on a set-up, or are wondering anything else regarding Bullet Journaling, I would LOVE to talk more. Please shoot me an email at, reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter, or comment below!

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