The Morning Pep Talk You Need Now

As a self-proclaimed productivity nerd, getting LOTS of things done has always been my main goal. But, while reading my current book, The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, I learned that my (common) way of thinking about productivity isn’t really accurate. Instead, Chris (brilliantly) explains in the book that...

How to Master Your Calendar

The concept of "clustering" was introduced to me by one of my very own authors: Steven Griffith. (Quick FYI: In case you didn't know, I'm an Editor at a business book publisher.) Steven's brand new book, The Time Cleanse, is in stores this week and it's where I first learned about a concept that has completely transformed the way I work, which I'd like to tell you about today.

Create Your Own Routine

Creating a routine for yourself has so many benefits. You are charge of your own time, form positive habits, create discipline, reduce stress, eliminate unnecessary decision making, and so much more. 

I'd like to take you through 4 steps to create your own routine so you can feel in control of your day and time.