With Cheryl Needs YOUR Help!

My goal here at With Cheryl is to deliver consistent personal and professional development advice to you so we can all grow together. And, it’s important to me that I’m always accomplishing that goal to the best of my abilities—which is why I’m asking for YOUR help today.

You see, I’m hoping (and asking very nicely—pretty, pretty please!) that you’ll fill out my easy 16 question survey to improve With Cheryl. The survey will take no more than 3 minutes of your time, but will help me improve With Cheryl for months to come.

The questions in the survey are designed to help me understand what’s working on With Cheryl and what isn’t. I’m also trying understand what you want more of and less of. And, I want to see if there’s anything missing that I can offer you!


I will be taking a break from writing blog posts and sending emails for the month of December to refocus my efforts as needed for 2020—and the results of this survey will be guide in that process. Continuing to learn and improve together in the most effective way possible is so important to me and your answers will help me do exactly that.

Thank you SO MUCH for your time and feedback. It’s appreciated and welcomed more than you know.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or bits of feedback to offer after taking the survey (or any other time), I would LOVE to hear from you. Feel free to email me at withcheryl.co@gmail.com at any time or message me on Instagram or Twitter at @WithCheryl_. And, feel free to send to anyone and everyone who you think can help!

See you next week for our last blog post and the week after for our last Conversation With Cheryl for 2019!!!

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