Stop Making Excuses

“STOP MAKING EXCUSES,” that’s what had to tell myself to make this blog post actually happen this week. I had an entire morning and afternoon to myself this Saturday to write a post and get ahead on my planning for WITH CHERYL, yet I still found every excuse I could to not get started.

Have you ever been there? If so, I’m sure you would agree that it’s a frustrating place to be. BUT, I’ve found there are 5 specific ways I can successfully motivate myself to stop making excuses and I thought I would share these with you today…

1. Think About the Future

This is always my #1 motivator. I remind myself that if I don’t do whatever it is I have to accomplish now, I’m not only creating more work and stress for myself in the future, but I’ll also be really disappointed that I didn’t use my time effectively. Use your future self as inspiration to get things done.  

2. Talk to Someone Who Will Hold You Accountable

There are some people who will always be honest with you, even when you don’t want to hear it. Those are the people to talk to when you need to get things done. When I was struggling to get started this weekend, I called my fiance. He knew I had a plan and should have been writing, so he reminded me that I had no other time to get this done and made me get focused. (Thanks, Diego!)

3. Think About How You Sound to Others

Warning: This one is a little harsh, but sometimes that’s what we need!

Do you really want to be the person who makes excuses? Do you want to be known as a complainer? I’m sure the answer is no. So, going forward, listen to how you might sound to others and use that as inspiration to be known as person who always gets the job done.

4. Create an Action Plan

Sometimes the reason we put something off is because we don’t know where or how to get started. Instead of having one goal that’s impossible to achieve all at once (think: “lose 20 pounds” or “start a blog”), break your goal into smaller parts and execute those. So, for lose weight or start a blog, set smaller goals like “research healthy dinner options” or “find books about starting a blog” to get started. Breaking down your goals gets you moving in the right direction and gets you closer and closer to achieving your big goal.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

How you speak to yourself can make or break your success. Start paying attention to the words you use when you’re feeling stuck. Do you say things like “You’re so lazy. You’re never going to be successful”? Or, do you think “I know there’s a lot on my plate right now and my body really does need the rest, but I know I need to get this done now to be prepared for the rest of the week”? One way is definitely more effective (and inspiring) than the other. Begin to really notice how you talk to yourself, and when you’re being unkind, switch up your language. You’ll be amazed by the difference your own voice can make when it comes to motivation.


Give yourself something to look forward to after you accomplish your goal. For me, I turned my excuse of “I need to go for a run” into a motivator. I told myself that once I finished my writing, I could reward myself with a run outdoors. It definitely worked for me, so give this a try too!

–   –   –

Don’t let excuses be the thing that stops you from accomplishing your goals and creating the life you want for yourself. Remember the only person who can hold you back from success is yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and start achieving your goals. Your future self will thank you.

–   –   –

Do you have any specific ways you motivate yourself? If so, share them below. You never know, they may work for others and I’d love to give them a try, too. 




Photo courtesy of article, 15 Motivational Quotes to Stop Making Excuses 

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