June 2018 Wrap-Up

On the first week of every month, I will be sharing and reviewing some of my favorite things from the previous month for you! Expect articles, podcasts, products, recaps from the blog, updates on my personal goals, and more.

Let’s get started!





  • The Marie Forleo Podcast, Episode 137, “The Ultimate Guide To Saying No”: If saying no to family, friends, and even yourself is something you struggle with (I know I do), this short but jam-packed episode is a must. Not only does Marie give listeners specific scripts, but she also offers a downloadable cheat sheet too. (7 minutes)
  • Beyond the To Do List, Episode 222, “Mindfulness: Robert Plotkin on the Benefits and Distractions of Technology for Productivity”: Robert Plotkin is the founder of the company and podcast Technology for Mindfulness and in this episode he provides tons of ways we can be more mindful and encourages listeners to “look within ourselves to develop the habits and skills we need to use technology the way we want to” (60 minutes)
  • Feel Good Effect, Episode 37, “How To Go On a Decision Diet for More Mental Energy & Willpower”: Learn how you can harness mental energy by going on a “decision diet”, which is “a way to manage mental energy so you have more self-control and willpower when it comes to things that matter.” (26 minutes)


  • 10 Pound Kettlebell: I decided to upgrade from 5 to 10 pound weights and these were exactly what I needed at a great price. ($12.00)
  • Headphones for PS4: I decided to treat my fiance to something he has been wanting to get for himself for quite some time now. The surprise was a success and he loves these headphones–and I loved the price. ($16.00)
  • Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: In an attempt to save myself time in the morning, I’ve been letting my hair dry naturally. I absolutely love this spray because it gives my hair a little more volume and enhances it’s natural waves. (Oh, and it smells AWESOME). ($5.00)
  • Neutrogena Beach Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen: This has been my go-to sunscreen for years now and since summer is finally here, I stocked up for the season. This sunscreen smells great, blends in easily, and lasts for hours. ($8.00)



  1. CHALLENGE: Use 30 Questions for Self Discovery from Lavendarie as a writing prompt for journaling every day. (Check out my post about journaling for more info on how to join me for this challenge!)  
  • DONE! I really loved how short and sweet these questions were. It made this habit easier to implement in my mornings. I’m going to try this again next month and will be using this set of prompts

2. Only 2 commitments after work each week.

  • DONE(ish). While I followed this as best as I could, a few things came up that I couldn’t avoid (including a 4-day work). I will definitely be sticking to this goal going forward so I don’t feel so over-committed.

3. Post a new article on WITH CHERYL every Monday morning.

  • DONE! WITH CHERYL has officially been live for a full month! I had so much fun interacting with all of you and can’t wait to keep delivering content that helps you make the work of work and life.  


  1. 6 days of full AM routine
  2. Train for Rugged Maniac 5K
  3. Send wedding invites

You might notice that my goals are pretty simple this month. Not only does that make it easier for me to remember and achieve them, it’s also realistic in a month that is jam packed with fun stuff (think a wedding, 3 birthday celebrations, a bachelorette party, dance classes, training for a 5k, 4th of July, and more!). I’ll be really proud of myself if these goals are all accomplished by the end of the month.

_   _   _

And, that’s it for this month!

I’d love to hear what June was like for you. Did you reach your monthly goals? Did you read any great books or articles? Maybe you listened to a great podcast or watched a video you loved? Have you set your own July goals?

I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to share in the comments below!

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