September 2018 Wrap-Up

At the start of every month, I collect and review some of my favorite things from the previous month for you! Expect articles, podcasts, recipes, recaps from the blog, updates on my personal goals, and more.

Let’s get started!



  • Millennial Burnout is Real. Do You Have It? This article starts off with a question that hooked me right away. “We want to do it all–but what happens if doing it all drives us to a place where we feel like we can’t get anything done?” The author takes you through 3 signs you might have burnout and the solutions if that sign connects with you.
  • How to Give Better Career Advice to People Who Aren’t Exactly Like You: This article really hit home for me because of this blog right here. I want to deliver advice that helps anyone and everyone who needs it–and the suggestions offered in this article with hopefully help me to do just that successfully!
  • Things Successful People Do Every Friday Afternoon: As someone who is always looking to improve their effectiveness, I was so excited to learn new ways to be productive at the end of a work week and this article definitely delivered. I do want you to dive in yourself, but my favorite piece of advice was “Carve out downtime for the following week”.


  • MantraBand: On Saturday, one of my closest friends got married and I was so kindly asked to do a reading during their ceremony. As a(n unnecessary but so kind and appreciated) thank you, the couple gave me a MantraBand that says “Peace comes from within” in the inside of the bracelet. The thought behind this and the meaning between my friend and I, means so much to me and I couldn’t love it more.
  • Lavender & Pillow Spray: I received this as a surprise bonus treat from an Etsy shop I have been working with for the wedding. I’m totally obsessed with the smell and will absolutely be spraying this on our bed before we go to sleep each night from now on. ($16.00)
  • Crest Whitestrips: These whitestrips were a gift from my almost brother-in-law that I have been saving for exactly this time before the wedding. These are working wonders already, but do make my teeth feel sensitive for a bit after using them. ($45.00)




  1. Finish the second half of my saved Pocket articles:
  • Almost Done! As you may know from my recent post about my favorite apps, I use Pocket to save articles for future reading. I’ve been working through the articles for the past 2 months and have made a significant dent in what I’ve saved, but I still have a few more articles to read that I’ve added during September.
  1. Morning routine 20 out of 30 days this month
  • SO CLOSE to DONE! This one was tough with a really busy month (1 weekend conference, 3 weddings–two of which required travel, an unexpected family emergency, and wrapping up things for the weekend). I wound up maintaining my routine for 18 of the 30 days of this month, just 2 days shy of my goal.
  1. Maintain my schedule at work
  • DONE! Because I will be off so many days in the fall/winter (for our wedding, other weddings, a Mini-Moon, and Honeymoon), maintaining my schedule at work is so important. I’ve been working really hard to make this goal happen and I’m very proud to say I’ve maintained and even gotten ahead of my schedule.


  1. Keep our wedding and it’s significance at the top of mind. Don’t focus on or stress about the little things
  2. Meditate every morning until the wedding on October 12th
  3. Maintain my schedule at work


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