If you’re reading this post, you likely saw my big launch announcement or stumbled on WITH CHERYL by chance. Either way, WELCOME and THANK YOU! I’m so excited to have you here and can’t wait to tell you more.

WITH CHERYL is a brand new blog written by me, Cheryl, where I will deliver practical, fun, and applicable advice to you every Monday morning. Together, we’ll dive into topics including habits, goal setting, organization, mindfulness, productivity, and much, much more. I’ll deliver real-life advice and practical tools for you to start implementing positive changes into your own life right away.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out what I’ve already written on the blog to see what you can expect from WITH CHERYL. You’ll find articles about my morning routine, monthly wrap-ups, work-life BLENDING (versus balance), how to wake up earlya June Journaling challenge, books I’ve read, and much more!

My main goal for WITH CHERYL is to help you, which means I need to know what you want to learn from me. Whether it’s a problem you’re facing or a bad habit you came seem to break, tell me! Comment on any post, contact me directly on Instagram or Twitter, or email me at withcheryl.co@gmail.com and I’ll try to write a post about your question.

_ _ _

Before you go, I wanted to thank you again for joining me today. I hope WITH CHERYL serves as a valuable resource for you and your life. I can’t wait to experiment, work hard, and grow together.

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