Apps to Download for Success in 2019

Last year, I shared my favorite apps, which included Pocket, Podcasts, Calm, DuoLingo, and Google Calendar. While 3 of those apps are still favorites of mine (Podcasts, Calm, and Google Calendar), I have 5 new apps I want to share with you today.

1. Compose: I previously shared on Instagram that I email myself important to-dos that I don’t want to forget when I don’t have pen and paper around. The only problem with this tactic was each time I went to write an email, I was distracted by the messages I need to read and answer. That’s where Compose comes in. This app opens up automatically to a blank email that you can start writing down notes in immediately. It’s the perfect solution for me and because of that, it’s the app I use more than any other to stay productive.

2. Typorama: If you’ve ever noticed the photos I use in my Monthly Wrap-Ups or quotes I share on social media, you’ve seen what Typorama can do. This app allows you to add text to any photo quickly and easily—and comes with tons of different font/design options.

3. Screen Time: OK, sure this isn’t technically an app, but this new feature on all iPhones is INVALUABLE when it comes to being productive, so I had to mention it. Screentime shows you just how much time you spend on your phone each day and over the course of a week—and the results can be quite revealing. I take advantage of the app time restrictions, which allow you to set a time limit for each app. Once you do that, you’ll get a notification when you’ve maxed out your time on that app.

4. Voice Memos: Remember how I told you I email myself to keep track of to-dos I don’t want to forget? Well, voice memos is the app I use when I have ideas I don’t want to forget. This app is a great way for me to record all of the ideas that fly through my head (mostly for these blog posts!) quickly and effectively. Sometimes, it’s even a great way to talk through frustrations if you aren’t in the mood to journal.

5. Dunkin Donuts: Of course food had to be a part of this post! I usually stop by Dunkin each morning to pick up breakfast and this app makes that quick and easy—and you get rewards the more you buy! About once a month, I earn a free drink I would otherwise be missing out on if I didn’t use this app, so it saves you money too!

While these are 5 of my most used apps, I wanted to share some others that I use all the time:

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