My Favorite Apps of 2018

Last week, some friends and I began talking about our favorite apps over dinner and today I thought I would do the same with you!

These are my top 5 favorite apps that always manage to keep me organized, focused, and learning:

1. Pocket

Pocket allows you to save articles, so you can read them at another time. Some of my favorite features of this app include…

  • Read saved articles offline (aka when you’re on the subway and don’t have service)
  • Use tags to group similar articles together (for example, mental health, exercise, wedding, career, etc.)
  • Removes advertisements and unnecessary photos so articles are mostly text. (This eliminates SO many distractions.)
  • Highlight up to 3 selections on the iPhone app (not available on computer browsers yet)
  • Syncs articles saved across all devices

2. Podcasts

As I mentioned in a past With Cheryl article, My Favorite Podcasts, listening to podcasts is one of my favorite ways to learn on the go, so this app is one of my most used as well. Be sure to check out the article to see some of my favorite podcasts.

3. Calm

I have tried TONS of meditation apps, but no matter what, Calm is always my go-to. With new 10-minute meditations every day, tons of series (such as 21 Days of Calm, 7 Days of Managing Stress, and Breaking Bad Habits), guided and non-guided timed meditations, tracking of sessions, and more, this app offers everything I’m looking for in a meditation app. I would HIGHLY recommend paying for a yearly subscription so you have access to everything the app has to offer. (BONUS TIP: if you wait until the holidays, they usually have a buy one get one free sale and you can gift the other subscription to someone else! I’m rooting for this sale again in 2018.)

4. DuoLingo

In just a few weeks, I’ll officially be part of a family whose primary language is Spanish. Because of this, I really want to learn even more of this language and DuoLingo is my go-to for this. The app offers lessons for all different levels of experience and sends you reminders each day to put in even just a few minutes of learning.

5. Google Calendar

While the iPhone app has its own calendar app, I find the Google calendar app to be much more user friendly. This app syncs effortlessly across all devices, has a search feature, allows users to view their calendar multiple different ways, and adds fun photos for appointments (for example, yoga classes have a yoga mat, appointments with locations have photos of the location, and more).

While these are my 5 most used apps, other more common apps that I love include:

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