We’re More Alike Than We Realize

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend not just one, but two conferences here in NYC. The first was BlogHer Creators Summit and the second was MogulX. I attended both of these conferences last year as well, so I was excited and prepared to walk away feeling inspired and prepared with new ideas and tips for success. But what I didn’t see coming was the big picture lesson I learned about life: we’re all more alike that we realize.

Now, this wasn’t something that anyone taught us in the 27 sessions I sat in over 3 days. It was something I observed as thousands of women walked through the conference centers, as people asked questions, and presenters spoke lines that spoke to us all.

We are all looking for the same thing: answers to our problems so we can be who we know we’re meant to be. We want to find the tools that will us help grow, eliminate stress when possible, find more time for ourselves, avoid burnout, feel our best, and more—and yet we all feel like we are in a battle against each other for things like money, status, success, and more.

But, the reality is, it shouldn’t be a battle, it should be a collaboration. We should be working together to learn from each other’s failures and successes, missteps, and victories. We should be lifting each other up, not putting each other and ourselves down. And, the sooner we all switch to this mentality of growing together, the sooner we’ll all find that success we’re destined for.

So, this week, challenge yourself to work with, not against the people in your life at work, home, and beyond because we will find what we need together.

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