May 2019 Wrap-Up

At the start of every month, I collect and review some of my favorite articles, podcasts, recipes, products, updates from With Cheryl, and more.

Here are some of my favorites from the month of May (featuring a beautiful view from my May trip to Portland, OR!):




  • Race Bib and Medal Display: My husband and I got this as a gift for our brother who is a big runner and he loved it. I love that it felt super personal to him, could be built upon as he finished more races, and served as a way to display something totally badass!
  • Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo: I’ve been a HUGE fan of Marie Forleo for so long now and I was so excited to hear she has a new book coming out. I’ve pre-ordered a copy already even though the book doesn’t publish until September. (Fun publishing fact: pre-orders are SO important. If you ever want to support an author, pre-order their book. It helps more than you know!)
  • Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall: And speaking of pre-orders, I also ordered my copy of Stories That Stick after becoming a huge fan of Kindra Hall‘s as well. I’m so excited for this one to arrive in September as well. (PS: I am not the editor of either of these books, I just love supporting strong female authors!)
  • Powell’s Books: While this isn’t a product, I visited Powell’s in Portland, OR this month and cannot stop talking about how much I loved it! If you’re ever visiting Portland, add this to your “must visit” list.




I hated keeping secrets from you all, but now that the big news is out, I can finally tell you that my HUGE goal for the month of May was to get everything done to launch my news on June 3rd and I’m excited to say (after a few scares thrown in there) I accomplished that!


  1. Meditate at least 25 days this month
  2. Finish and send our wedding thank yous
  3. Teach 1 yoga class to maintain my certification as a 200-Hour Registered Yoga teacher

One last thing before I go. I’m working on something special for you and I need your help. If you could ask a mindfulness expert any question, what would it be? Include your answer below and that question might just be answered in June!

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