Conversations With Cheryl Job Search Series Part 2, Featuring Melanie Andersen

Conversations With Cheryl is the newest addition to With Cheryl and features interviews with different experts in their respective fields on topics that are important to YOU, including mindfulness, job searching, and more. Each series features interviews with 3 different experts and goes live on the last Monday over 3 months!

In our second conversations on the JOB SEARCH process, we’ll be learning from Melanie Andersen, who co-founded the video job board and recruiting platform goldi because she wanted to bring the human connection back to the job search process.

What would stop you from asking a candidate to come in for an in-person interview after a phone interview?

Recruiters often start with a phone interview if they are unsure If the candidate has the right experience or not, so that would be one reason. If the candidate hasn’t researched the company or lacks energy and enthusiasm, that would be another. If they avoid answering direct questions such as “Why are you looking to leave your current role?” or they are vague or not concise, I know I won’t bring them in for an in-person interview. 

What are you looking for when you read through a cover-letter?

The cover letter is equally as important to me as the resume. This is where I get a sense of the job seekers’ communication style and a glimpse into their personality. I look to see how their experience translates to the position and why they are interested in the role. There is a vast difference between a well thought out and tailored cover letter versus a generic one that’s sent out for every role. 

Is it true that hiring professionals won’t look at a resume if it’s longer than 1 page?

Not at all, however a resume shouldn’t be more than two pages. If the CEO of a Fortune 500 company can explain their experience in a one or two page resume, so can you. Keep in mind that most of the time resumes are read on a computer screen, so you don’t want to lose their attention and miss key points by making them scroll to the bottom. Recruiters read many resumes each day and are likely to skim on a first read. Because of that, On that note, stick to a simple, clean resume design without weird margins or designs, as you don’t want to make deciphering your information a challenge. Your resume is also likely to be parsed into the company’s ATS (applicant tracking system), an internal database where they keep track of candidates who have applied for their jobs. An ATS may reject resumes with images or unusual fonts or structure. 

What is your favorite interview question to ask a candidate? And, what are you hoping to learn from their response?

Probably “What is your weakness?” This is more interesting to me than hearing about someone’s strengths, as everyone can talk about what they are good at. When someone knows and can speak about what they need to improve upon (both soft and hard skills), this shows a degree of self- awareness.

What would you say to someone who has been job searching for months and keeps getting in-person interviews, but hasn’t gotten the job yet?

I would tell them to not get discouraged, and suggest that they meet with a reputable Recruiter who specializes in their industry to ask their opinion and advice. Maybe they are applying to jobs not quite in line with their experience? I would also ask them if they sent a thank you email after the interview, because if a job seekers doesn’t, that signals a lack of interest in the role. The thank you note shouldn’t be thought of as perfunctorily, instead as it’s a chance to remind the interviewer why you are a great for the role, and reinforces your interest in the position. So it’s definitely in your best interests to send one. 

WITH CHERYL READER QUESTION: Can you use video applications to show your excitement and personality even if it’s not the norm or mentioned in a job description or application?

Absolutely! Video applications are an opportunity for job seekers to show their personality and enthusiasm for a role more than a resume ever can. That’s why I started goldi, a video recruiting platform where companies create video job posts and job seekers respond with video applications. Anyone can create a video profile on goldi (it’s free for job seekers), and send a video link along with their resume. Companies love these because they get a sense of who you are before the interview process even begins. 


Melanie Andersen has global recruiting experience across the US, UK, Asia, and Australia. She is the Co-Founder of goldi, the video job board and recruiting platform that brings people and jobs to life. She started goldi because she wanted to bring the human connection back to the job search process.

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