Conversations With Cheryl Mindfulness Series Part 3, Featuring Erin Rachel Doppelt

Conversations With Cheryl is the newest addition to With Cheryl and features interviews with different experts in their respective fields on topics that are important to YOU, including mindfulness, job searching, and more. Each series features interviews with 3 different experts and goes live on the last Monday over 3 months!

Today wraps up our very first series on Mindfulness! (Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2, too!) And, we’ll be learning from international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher, host of Wise Woman Podcast, and retreat leader, Erin Rachel Doppelt.

1. What does mindfulness mean to you?

Being present in the here and now and understanding that there is power in your presence.

2. How has mindfulness impacted your life?

Mindfulness and meditation helped me overcome anxiety, imposter syndrome, and compulsive negative thought patterns. I practice active meditation and breath work daily to continuously align myself in that healthy headspace. Daily practices of mindfulness can be life changing and you can this quiz to find out which meditation practices are best for you and create your personalized practice today! 

3. What is your favorite mindfulness tool?

My breath is my greatest tool. I also like to listen to music by Snatam Kaur or Biet Simkin and use the meditation app, Insight Timer.

4. Why is mindfulness important for everyone to practice?

The brain is elastic and when we meditate we increase gray matter in the front of the brain (which is where long term memory lies) and decrease brain activity in the amygdala (which is where our flight, fright, or freeze response originates). Meditation helps individuals relax, can lower stress and anxiety levels, and supports healthy emotional regulation. And, all of this is deeply needed as we are highly anxious and stressed as a society today.

5. What is one piece of advice you’d offer to someone who is just beginning to practice mindfulness?

Show up everyday. Ask a friend to keep you accountable, hire a mindfulness coach, or join a meditation couching program. I also certify people in mindfulness strategy if they want to become experts in this field and share these practices with others. You can also check out the 7 spiritual practices that can guide your mindful day.

6. WITH CHERYL READER QUESTION: What tools can I use to stop my mind from getting stuck on the “should haves” of my past?

Check out this article on active meditation. When we “should” all over the place we are passing judgement on ourselves or others. Whenever you have a “should have” thought creep in, say something kind to yourself, pray to see the situation differently, and remember that the mindful path is to be present, grounded, and kind to the self first and foremost. 


Erin Rachel Doppelt is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher, host of Wise Woman Podcast, and retreat leader. She facilitates innovative mindfulness workshops and trainings in the areas of meditation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, conflict competency, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual, personal, and professional development. She is the creator behind the “Certificate in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy” and “Soul Immersion” coaching and training programs. Erin developed her programming based on her experience living and learning in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Erin earned an MA in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University, and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Feel free to connect with Erin on Instagram at @ErinRDoppelt and on her website

AND THAT’S A WRAP ON OUR VERY FIRST CONVERSATIONS WITH CHERYL SERIES! Thank you for joining me and I hope you learned as much from all 3 of our featured guests as I did.

Our next series will focus on JOB SEARCHING! As always, our last question for each guest will come from one of you, my wonderful readers, so please comment below, reach out on social, or email me with your questions now!

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